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Analyst Program

Job Description

The responsibilities of a real estate analyst include: investment analysis; risk/return modeling; researching and analyzing the effects of economic, demographic, financial, legal and market driven factors on investment real estate; counseling real estate developers on financing strategies; and interaction with institutional investors. Analysts also assume responsibility for ongoing advertising and marketing. The hands-on training process will qualify the analyst to evaluate various types of commercial property regarding feasibility and long-term performance, understand the intricacies of local and national real estate markets, and become capable of pricing risk.


Solid written and verbal communication skills, a strong GPA, and proven analytical ability are a must. The applicant must be able to think logically and independently and must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. The applicant must work thoroughly, with great attention to detail. As most successful executives in this field possess a broad skill set, well-rounded applicants are desired. A background in finance is not required, but an interest in the real estate field is a plus.