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Structured Finance & Equity

An evolving US economy and the rapidly developing real estate investment environment have given rise to complex situations that require unconventional arrangements.  Cronheim remains at the forefront of these non-traditional structures, using its contacts and competence to simplify difficult transactions for its borrowers.  Leading developers and owners are increasingly leveraging our relationships to obtain low-cost, flexible financing arrangements and allocate the capital towards new, profitable projects.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Cronheim has successfully arranged structured deals involving bridge and construction loans, joint-ventures, preferred equity, and mezzanine debt.  Recently, Cronheim assisted in a corporate restructuring, working with turnaround specialists to strengthen the client’s liquidity position and recapitalize the financial structure, providing asset financing and exploring sale-leaseback arrangements.


A deep, wide knowledge base, however, is not sufficient today to ensure low-cost, efficient financing for structured, unconventional projects.  In no other area of real estate finance are reputation and relationships so essential–allowing our firm to tap a vast array of capital sources, including the nation’s largest pension funds, investment banks, real estate investment trust, hedge/investment funds and high-yield lenders.